A Visitor’s Day Guide to ZH

A Visitor's Day Guide to Zhuhai

Exploring Zhuhai – A Visitor’s Day Guide to ZH

By: Tom Litchfield


There are so many options for spending a day out in Zhuhai. As we add to the the website and the ‘Exploring Zhuhai’ series you’ll find activities and sites and hikes to suit all tastes and fancies. However, to begin with, if you are new to the city, fancy a day trip or need ideas on what to do for a friend or family member’s first visit, we’ve put together an easy to use guide to take the stress out of planning a day out. Tried and tested with our family members and friends who’ve visited the city, the guide is designed to show people a mixture of good local food, street life, a gentle hike and a visit to Zhuhai’s sky bar to finish the day – it has always left people with great memories and a desire to see more of the city!

Zhuhai coast

Photo: www.china.findworkabroad.com

Central to Chinese culture and to any visit to the country is the food! With eight famous distinct culinary styles, and the real number being far higher than that, the country is a foodie’s heaven. And, even for those not massively food inclined, the culture and practices surrounding food are fascinating. So, those familiar with the first article from this series, won’t be surprised at the suggestion of Dim Sum being the first stop in the day. We recommend joining the local families for brunch at Yijian. Aim to arrive at around 10:30/11:00 AM, get your ticket and use our Dim Sum Guide to help you order.

Dim Sum

Dim Sum at YiJian – 益健美食大广, 北岭岭南路68号正邦广3楼全


After filling your belly and feasting your eyes in the busyness of a Dim Sum house, jump into a taxi and head to Gongbei’s walking street. Almost every city in China will have a variation of this. You can expect to see a busy, vibrant street, lined with shops, street food and workers clapping and shouting for custom. The taxi will invariably drop you off at the top of the street and you need to make your way down towards Gongbei Port. China is incredibly safe, so don’t be worried about wandering off the walking street down small alleys for a good explore. See if you can find the little shop, with live snakes outside, ready to be embalmed in Baijiu.

Walking Street

Entrance to Walking Street (Lianhua Lu) – 莲花路步行街


The end of walking street will take you to Gongbei Port and the Gongbei Underground Mall. Take the entrance opposite walking street to enter the Mall. It is a maze of small shops and restaurants and it is an excellent place to try out your haggling skills. Start by cutting down the vendor’s first price to a 1/3 or 1/4 and see how you do – joviality and friendliness will always prevail over being too aggressive.

Underground entrance

Entrance to the Underground Mall (Gongbei Di Xia) – 拱北地下,口岸购物广场


At this point, if you are doing well with time and energy levels, you can exit the Underground Mall and head to the right, away from the port. This will take you to Zhuhai’s famous Lover’s road. You’ll find a pedestrianised path which follows the coastline, offering views of Macau and a chance for some tandem biking.

Lover's Road

Lover’s Road – 情侣路

Photo: www.chinatouradvisors.com


From either Lover’s Road or the Underground Mall, you need to take a short taxi ride to the next destination – Ban Zhang Shan. If you are still in the mall, a taxi rank can be found on the lowest level; stairs to which can be found near the exit to the Macau border.  The mountain, perhaps better referred to as a large hill, provides a wonderful view of Zhuhai city and, on a clear day, Macau. To commemorate the turn of the century the government decided to up the anti on this trail by adding 1999 steps. This sounds like a lot but all the steps are very shallow and, in fact, the whole thing takes about an hour. Afterwards you can relax in one of the small eateries at the bottom with a nice cold drink before turning your attention to dinner.


View from Ban Zhang Shan – 珠海市兰埔路4号


For your evening meal, we can’t recommend enough going to Wanzai Seafood Street. It comprises of a vibrant 100m long street with open air market vendors on one side and restaurants on the other. Hone your haggling skills whilst choosing your favourite seafood before succumbing to one of the wait staff requesting your custom. The restaurants will take the live seafood and cook it to your specification – even if your Chinese isn’t great, simply handing over the food will produce a delicious array of dishes.Seafood Street

Wanzai Seafood Street – 湾仔海


Having littered your table with shells and eaten all you can manage, hop in another short taxi, head back to Gongbei Port and go to the Charming Holiday Hotel. If you take the lift to the 23rd floor you’ll find a well styled bar with a large balcony overlooking Gongbei and Macau. This forms an impressive view and is an excellent way to round off the day with your poison (or soft drink!) of choice.

Gongbei Huafa and Jida Google

View from the bar at Charming Holiday Hotel – 来魅力假日酒店拱北区围基路32号


So there you have it! Show the pictures with the Chinese addresses to taxi drivers to help you navigate your way around. Of course, if you have done any of this before or want more ideas on what to do, have a browse through the website.

Stay tuned next week for the next helpful article in the ‘Exploring Zhuhai’ series.

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