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Never go thirsty. The best places of Zhuhai to drink your liquor of choice. Where to go to avoid fake liquor. Where to dance the night away. Where to meet some very cool people.

Hands down, when friends ask “Where shall we go tonight?” the top suggestions are The London Lounge, Conneelys, The Factory or A-Club. But then it is a toss up on which area of town to head to, convenience or where most crowds are headed. Jida is the most popular, with Huafa a close second. Midtown is classy up and coming with Azur and the second location of A-Club, and other great bars and restaurants sprinkled around them.  London Lounge, Conneelys and The Factory always have theme nights and fun events to change up the normal routine. There are many choices to suit your mood, so happy choosing!



Terrace bar offering ample outdoor and indoor seating. Gaze out far and deep into the distant horizon as you sip on fine wine at sundown. Enjoy the tranquil night views on the patio with a personalized cocktail, accompanied by dynamic rhythms from our very own live music. Day or night, come enjoy the breeze!

Address:  Marriott Hotel, 5th Floor, Building 9, No.177 Jingshan Road, Jida

珠海新骏景万豪酒店, 519000香洲区吉大景山路177号9栋

Tel: 0756-6310995

The London Lounge 

Address: Building B, LETS Culture District, 70 Daishan Road, Qianshan, Zhuhai



Address: Huafa Century Town, New Century Plaza. Zhuhai City, Xiangzhou District, Changsheng Road, No. 376. New Century Plaza, Unit 2113B.

华发世纪城,新世纪广场。 珠海市香洲区昌盛路376号,新世纪广场2113B号


Midtown. Zhuhai Jiuzhou West Avenue, No. 2023, Midtown Block 9, Unit 110.

富华里。珠海九洲大道西 2023号,富华里9栋110号

Conneely’s Irish Bar

Address: 105 Hai Wan Ya Yuan, South Lovers Road, Gongbei, Zhuhai


Address: Unit 3113, Huafa New Century,No.376 Chang Sheng Road, Zhuhai 579060



Address: Shop 9-104, Midtown (Fu Hua Li), Zhuhai

The Beach Hut

Address: 5050, Nanwan Road, Wan Zai, Zhuhai

Zhūhǎi shì wānzǐ nán wān nánlù 5050 hào hǎitān xiǎowū

Drink World

Address: 62 Shop , Shou Feng Road, Huafa New Town Business Street, Zhuhai

Live House

Address: Kai Di Ke Jiu Dian Xie Dui  Mia, 1200 Hao, Jiuzhou Da dao Dong, Jida, Zhuhai

广东省珠海市九洲大道东1200号卡凯迪克酒店斜对面 (文青Live House 店)

The Old Chinese Junk (OCJ)

Address: 401 – 4th Floor, Building #5, China Town, Tangjia, Zhuhai, Guangdong, China.
Take the elevator to 4th floor – turn right on exit

Zhūhǎi, Táng jiā wān, Táng qí lù, 3399 háo, Táng rén shāngyè jiē,
5 dòng, 401 háo, “Gǔ Chuán Xī Cāntīng”. Tell taxi “Tangjia, Tang Ren Jie”.


Address: No.8 Shop ,888 Commercial Street Street Xiangzhou
Zhuhai (Ba Ba Ba Jie, Xiangzhou). Ask for Vivian to book events: 18666912508



***What do Johnnie Walker, Chivas Regal and The Macallan have in common? Well, if you’re living China they could all be as fake as Heidi Montag, or like pretty much everything here. So, how can you tell if that is really Patrón all up in your cup or just rubbing alcohol?***

The first thing to look at is the bottle itself. If you’re purchasing a high-end bottle of scotch or vodka, keep an eye out for the thin plastic security seal and a security number on the bottle. Does the label rub off easily, like a self-adhesive sticker? Then give the bottle a once-over, looking out for grammatical errors in the fine print. Every bottle of Johnnie Walker should read, “Distilled, Blended & Bottled in Scotland.” Any variant is an instant foul. Next, smell it. Does it smell fine or does the scent of paint thinner and methanol permeate your nostrils? Now take a straw and put one or two little drops of water into your scotch. Do you see something swirling around in the glass, like a clear oil slick? If so, you have the real deal. Black Label is one of the most popular spirits in China and it has become one of the most faked brands out there. When you’re out and you order it, pay attention if they mix it with green tea right away. If so, stop the staff and perform the above test. Fake [Johnnie Walker](http://www.johnniewalker.com/en-us/AgeGateway.aspx) is so prevalent that Diageo, the brand’s parent company, has teams in China that spot-check bottles to insure that they are legit. In a KTV or somewhere with a RMB100 open bar, it’s harder to distinguish what’s what. If you suspect your bottle is not kosher then alert the management. Sometimes the club is genuinely unaware it is selling fake alcohol. There have been cases where bar managers order fakes on the sly and bill their bars for the price of the real stuff, pocketing the difference. Become familiar with your brand of choice, drink it at home so you can differentiate the taste and, when you’re out and about, only order things you are comfortable with. A KTV is not the place to experiment with new whiskies.

excerpt from cityweekend.com.cn


Go to only highly recommended bars.

AVOID drinking at KTV’s and clubs, buying the bottles at tiny Mom & Pop grocery stores & restaurants. Purchase bottles at Wal Mart, Carrefour, Aeon, and imported stores only. Always look for the label that China slaps on the back at customs to ensure its legitimacy.