You probably will not have to search too hard before you find a Chinese bakery nearby complete with egg tarts (excellent) or pork floss buns and sweet milk bread (questionable). Fortunately, there is a growing number of bakeries providing delicious bread and treats more familiar to what you’re used to at home.

Leaving in a hurry for your meeting? Pick up your fresh brewed morning coffee with a warm pastry right before you dash out the door. Whether you are rushing to your morning appointment or simply want to sit down in a quiet corner for a cup of hot latté, they offer the choice. Grab and go, or grab a seat!


Marriott Hotel, 1st Floor, Building 9, No.177 Jingshan Road, Jida

珠海新骏景万豪酒店, 519000香洲区吉大景山路177号9栋

Tel: 0756-6310990

Japanese chain offering great quality bread and sweet treats. The farmhouse sandwich bread and pain au chocolate’s are particularly good.


369 Xian Qiao, Nanping (opposite Vanguard)



Jida Address:

113 Shihua Dong Lu, Jida (next to Haiwan Garden)


Owned by an American couple, this place serves up excellent Western food, cookies, coffee’s, milkshakes, smoothies and ice cream. It is also the best place to go, should you want to order a cake.


Bar St, Huafa Century City (opposite the cinema).

华发世纪城酒吧街, 可瑞心美式餐厅


Midtown Unit 14-108 Zhuhai,珠海中海富华里14栋1-08

New bakery/café that’s been opened by a Chinese lady with almost a decade of living in the UK under her belt. Excellent bread and cakes on offer, as well as providing traditional afternoon tea and full English breakfasts.


Hai Yi Da Sha Building, Jida (opposite Nan You Hotel)


A relatively new addition to Zhuhai, this is the only authentic French bakery in town. The French owner dedicates a huge amount of time and passion into ensuring his bread, as well as other treats, is of the highest quality. It pays off and you’d be hard off finding better bread anywhere else outside of France. Well worth checking out and keeping your eye on it as he expands what’s on offer.


237-106 Shanqiao Lu, Beishan, Nanping, Zhuhai

Address Chinese: 237-10 南屏北山 山桥路

English: 13923383824

Tel Chinese: 13702337317


151 Dujiang Rd, Jing’an Town, Doumen

(+86) 13427722462

Maya’s provides excellent bread that they are happy to portion and slice upon request. As well as a large selection of bread and cakes, they stock many foreign products that can be more difficult to find in China. From cheese to Nutella and cleaning products, if you’re missing something, you may well be able to find it here. They also serve excellent, New Zealand imported, ice cream.


Huafa Century City Bar St, next to China Construction Bank



Unit 3115, New Century Plaza 1005 | 376 Chang Sheng Road, Zhuhai