There are numerous Japanese restaurants around town but there are only a couple of gems serving up authentic Japanese food, sake and, of course, delicious sushi and sashimi. Avoid the many generic chains around the city and, instead, head to these restaurants to get your Japanese fix.

Tatsumi Japanese restaurant blends traditional flavors with a modern twist. Treat your palate and senses to an intimate teppanyaki experience, along with sushi and signature washoku made from the finest ingredients. Spoil yourself with the freshest seafood selection in the city, prepared in front of you. Discover something new in traditional Japanese cuisine!


Marriott Hotel, 2nd Floor, Building 9, No.177 Jingshan Road, Jida

珠海新骏景万豪酒店, 519000香洲区吉大景山路177号9栋

Tel: 0756-6310993

Found behind some Japanese style sliding doors, this place offers some of the most authentic Japanese food in town. With a relaxed atmosphere, edging towards the kind of feel you’d get in a low key Izakaya, it’s great for either lunch or dinner. With Kirin beer on tap and good Sake, you can’t go wrong.


226-227 Bar St, Huafa New Town (take the elevator as if you were going to the supermarket and turn right; the restaurant is the first on the balcony on your left)


Great location on top floor overlooking Young Mix and Aeon Plaza. No boats here; everything is made fresh, so you don’t have to worry about it sitting out all day. They have delicious hot sake, fresh tuna (maguro) and salmon. Many sushi items and Japanese cuisine to choose from their picture menu.


Yang Ming Plaza, L8005 Shop, 1066 Phoenix South Road, Xiangzhou.


Set on the riverside, this restaurant boasts a stylish interior and a number of Teppanyaki tables. Teppakyaki is the main theme here, but the restaurant also serves up good sushi as well as other Japanese fare on it’s menu.


Bar St, Huafa Century City (next to Starbucks to the left and on the riverside).