Although not famed for housing a nation who shy away from meat, there is an increasing number of people, in China, turning to vegetarianism. Whether due to reasons of ethics, faith or to escape the famous food scandals around the country, the population of vegetarians is growing. Correspondingly, there are an increasing number of restaurants popping up to cater to them.


Unit 3115, New Century Plaza 1005 | 376 Chang Sheng Road, Zhuhai



1167 Jiuzhou Road, Lv Yin Hao Ting, Jida


Sukoo is a vegan buffet, run in the aim of generating funds for a Buddhist temple. Offering a range of options designed to mimic famous Chinese dishes, replacing meat and fish with cleverly manipulated tofu, the food is surprisingly tasty. At around 30RMB a head for all you can eat, it makes for excellent value.


181 Huaping Road, Xiawan, Gongbei


Set in an old traditional Chinese building, Suhe makes for an extremely beautiful, interesting and delicious eating experience. Providing exceptionally well presented dishes, Suhe can be considered to be a gourmet restaurant; each dish is clearly created with much thought and passion. Like Sukoo they use vegetarian ingredients to mimic dishes which are traditionally meat or seafood based, unlike Sukoo it is more Michelin star than all you can eat buffet. The excellent food provides a unique and interesting eating experience, but does come with a corresponding price tag. A perfect place for a date or special occasion.


28 Beishan Yard (If you’re walking out of the small road next to the theatre, walk in the direction of Huafa Mall and enter the buildings to your left).


Vegetarian Buffet in Jida, on Jida Road behind the Duty Free mall, it is a few doors down from the Shanghai restaurant. 

Chinese address:


Lotus Pond Vegan Restaurant 莲池素膳美食 is located in front of the Marriott Jida.


19 Building, Wan Ke Zhubin Business Street, Jida