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Exploring Zhuhai – NIHAO, ZHUHAI’s Taxi Guide

By: Tom Litchfield

General areas to explore for shopping and eating in Zhuhai. Gongbei, Jida, Nanping, Xiangzhou, Xin Xiangzhou, Tangjia and notably awesome places to go outside of town limits.

There are numerable areas in the city dedicated to shopping, also with eating and drinking options found in close proximity. To help you explore and navigate your way around, we’ve compiled a list of the most notable, with brief descriptions and taxi-friendly addresses. Perfect if you’re new to the city or struggle to remember place names in the local language! map


Gongbei and Nanping surrounding areas


Huafa Century City

Pinyin: Jiu Ba Jie, Huafa Shi Ji Cheng, Chang Sheng Lu, Zhuhai

Chinese: 珠海市华发世纪城昌盛路酒吧街


A relatively new build and one of the major areas for expatriate living, this complex also contains a dedicated area full of bars, restaurants with different cuisines, a gym, a cinema, café’s, hairdressers and shops.

Huafa New Town

Pinyin/English: Shang Ye Jie, Huafa Xin Cheng, Nanping, Zhuhai

Chinese: 珠海市香洲区华发新城商业街

Built earlier than Century City, New Town is another huge apartment complex also complete with a shopping and restaurant street.

Huafa New Town

Huafa Mall

Pinyin/English: Huafa Shang Du, Nanping, Zhuhai

Chinese: 珠海市香洲区华发商都

Huge new mall set in an impressive building with one of the largest LED ceiling light displays in the world. Many decent eating and shopping options to be found. Includes: Taste supermarket, with an impressive foreign section, and expat favourites such as H&M, Toy r Us and Uniqlo, as well as an IMAX theatre.

Huafa Mall (Shang Du)

Gongbei Underground

Pinyin/English: Gongbei Di Xia, Gongbei, Zhuhai

Chinese:  珠海拱北地下商场

Gongbei Underground comprises of a huge maze of small Chinese shops and restaurants. You can find tons of things down here including what is probably the largest selection of fake goods in the city.underground


Entrance to Gongbei Underground from the Macau border.

Gongbei Walking Street

Pinyin/English: Bu Xing Jie, Lian Hua Lu, Gongbei, Zhuhai

Chinese:   珠海市香洲区拱北莲花路步行街    

Colourful and loud walking street. Nearly every Chinese city has one of these. With lots of shops, street food and markets off the street found closer to the Gongbei border, Zhuhai’s doesn’t disappoint.

Walking Street

Gongbei Walmart

Pinyin/English: Gongbei Wo Er Ma, Ying Bin Nan Lu, Zhuhai

Chinese:  珠海拱北迎宾南路沃尔玛

American brand supermarket with contents a world away from its USA counterparts. Nearby the frogs and turtles you can find some foreign goods as well as a large home ware section. The supermarket is set within a building housing a load of other shops and restaurants.

Xiawan Market

Pinyin/English: Xiawan Shi Chang, Xiawan Lu, Gongbei, Zhuhai

Chinese: 珠海香洲区夏湾路夏湾购物市场

Smallish Chinese shopping street with shops and lots of eating options nearby. The wider area is interesting to walk around and also has an extremely large late night BBQ providing a lot of fun until the early hours.


Pinyin/English: Fu Hua Li, Jiuzhou Da Dao, Zhuhai

Chinese: 珠海市九洲大道富华里

Brand new development comprising of a ton of high class international brands for shopping, eating and drinking options. Lots of popular expat options for bars, restaurants, clothes shopping and groceries.


(Photo from Azur)


One of the entrances to Midtown, leading to A-Club, Azur and Creation Café.

Beishan Square

Pinyin/English: Beishan Guang Chang, Nan Wan Da Dao, Nanping, Zhuhai

Chinese: 珠海市南屏镇南湾大道北山广场 

A beautiful up and coming area set next to an old Chinese theatre. There are a few café’s, bars and restaurants as well as spaces dedicated to the arts. Short walks away will take you either through small streets not dissimilar to Beijing’s Hutongs or, if you fancy something western, go to Zhuhai’s only authentic French bakery, Papa Romantic, and a tasty pizzahouse, Lil’ Pizza KitchenBeishanBeishan

Second Hand Market

Pinyin/English: Xiawan Er Shou Shi Chang, Zhuhai

Chinese: 珠海市夏湾二手市场

Set on the opposing riverside from Huafa Century City, you’ll find a pink building housing a second hand market. It houses everything from cheap kitchenware to all types of furniture and even a shop dedicated to antiques. Perfect place for filling your house cheaply.



Jida Duty Free Plaza

Pinyin/English: Bai Huo Guang Chang, Jing Shan Lu Dong, Jida, Zhuhai

Chinese: l珠海市吉大景山路东百货广场 

Large mall with numerous Chinese brand shops and restaurants. It also includes a Carrefour and Park-n-Shop with good foreign food sections. Within the vicinity is a nice park with some small rides and a children’s play area. Opposite the mall you’ll find a museum and the new Marriott hotel.



Young Mix Plaza

Pinyin/English: Yang Ming Guang Chang, Feng Huang Lu, Xiangzhou, Zhuhai

Chinese: 珠海市香洲区凤凰路扬名广场

Large eight story mall opened last year complete with international stores, restaurants and cinema. Includes a huge amount of Chinese cuisines, H&M, Toys R-Us, Starbucks, and is located right next to the Japanese supermarket chain, Aeon.

Wanzai Xia Electronics Market & Oxford St

Pinyin/English: Wan Za Sha, Xiangzhou Qu, Zhuhai

Chinese: 珠海市香洲区湾仔沙

Large building selling everything to do with electronics from home appliances to computers. The place to go if you’re looking for a particular electrical part or need your computer fixed. Right next to the electronics market is a small lane named ‘Oxford Street’. It houses small boutique style café’s and shops.

Xiangzhou Wetmarket

Pinyin/English: Chao Yang Shi Chang, Chao Yang Lu, Xiangzhou Qu, Zhuhai

Chinese: 珠海市香洲区朝阳路朝阳市场

Easily one of the best wet markets in Zhuhai. You can find all manner of fresh produce from fruit and vegetables to meat and seafood. There’s also a foreign import shop right outside stocking plenty of that ‘from home’ goodness.

888 Jie

Pinyin/English: Ba Ba Ba Shang Ye Jie, Xiangzhou, Zhuhai

Chinese: 珠海市香洲区八八八商业街

A restaurant square still fairly unknown by expats and full of excellent Chinese restaurants. Including – dim sum, South East Asian food, Cantonese, an Oyster bar, Hot Pot joints, Hakka and many more. Busy and vibrant place in the evenings and a weekly regular for the owner of NIHAO, ZHUHAI! She recommends JM which boasts stylish décor, live sports and a great German Beer selection; they’re even happy to grab food for you from the neighbouring restaurants. Alternatively, cross the road for great Hakka food. Many of these places have picture menus for your convenience.

JM bar 888 jie888 jie888 jie
(888 Jie Xiangzhou)

Ningxi Square  

Pinyin/English: Ningxi Wen Hua Guang Chang, Ningxi Lu, Xiangzhou, Zhuhai

Chinese: 珠海市香洲区柠溪路柠溪文化广场

Situated on the No. 10 bus line close to the Gongbei tunnel, Ningxi boasts a vibrant square with lots of small shops, bars, restaurants (including Hot Pot and late night BBQ), a theatre and a TPR language centre. At night the plaza is filled with arcade games go-carts resembling cars for the little ones to ride around in.


xiangzhou sports centerXin Xiangzhou


Pinyin/English: Xiangzhou Wo Er Ma, Xiangzhou, Zhuhai

Chinese: 珠海香洲沃尔玛

The second Walmart in the city with better selection than the Gongbei branch.



Wal Mart Xiangzhou

Yanlord Shopping Complex

Pinyin/English: Ren Heng Xing Yuan Shang Ye Jie, RenMin Xi Lu, Xin Xiangzhou, Zhuhai

Chinese: 珠海市香洲区人民西路仁恒星园 

Situated on RenMin road in Xin Xiangzhou, this two story plaza houses a Starbucks, Shanghai restaurant, Portofino Steakhouse and a couple of small import stores. Across the road is Dr Beer – an excellent import alcohol shop. Yanlord Portofino

Sam’s Club

Pinyin/English: Shan Mu Hui Yuan Dian, Ming Zhu Bei Lu, Qian Shan Xin Xiangzhou, Zhuhai

Chinese: 珠海市香洲区前山明珠北路山姆会员店

Huge brand new wholesale warehouse. You need to signup and buy a card in order to purchase, but this place could certainly be a game changer on the import food scene.



Tang Ren Jie

Pinyin/English: Tang Ren Shang Ye Jie, Tang Jia Zhen, Zhuhai

Chinese: 珠海市香洲区唐家镇唐人商业街

A ride north of the main districts and towards the Universities, will take you to Tangjia and a popular local village for expat teachers. The Chinatown square has pizza places, The Old Junk Bar, Uncle Mike’s, UNeed Import Store and lots of Café’s and late night BBQ’s, including a new Middle Eastern restaurant that is amazingly yummy. Lots of restaurants and a nice town to chill with your buddies.

Old Zhuhai Tangjia town

(Tangjia village)

The Outskirts


Antiques District

Pinyin/English: Gu Wan Chang,  Gu He Hua Tan Hua Cai, San Xiang, Zhongshan

Chinese: 中山市三乡古鹤花坛华财古玩城

Driving a little out of the city on the way to Zhongshan, you’ll find this wonderful furniture wood village. Selling at wholesale cost, this area specialises in all manner of furniture and antiques. Able to export internationally and make custom order items from wooden furniture to stone sculptures, this place is a homeowners dream.

Antique Market

An example of some of the antique furniture, stained glass window decor and scrolls to be found at the Antiques market.

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