How To Look & Feel Fabulous in Zhuhai and everywhere else . . .

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ICENANA not only does manicures and pedicures they can also provide customers with a wide range of beauty services. These include; makeup, facials, massages, eyebrow reshaping, eyelash treatment, fake eyelashes and they even have a professional team who perform plastic surgery. For all your beauty needs go to ICENANA and pamper yourself.

Address: Shop 2260, 68 Lingnan Lu, Gongbei, Zhuhai. (Found within the mall next to the Gongbei WalMart).


Telephone:15344839168 (ICE)


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Azara Lyric

Best Places

for Shopping

in  Zhuhai,

HK & Macau


Sometimes the best deals are hidden. Department stores are overpriced two or four times the actual price. Though China is not as cheap as it used to be, there are still some GREAT places to rummage and find good things. SECRET: Most good things and cheapest, fastest way without fighting crowds:….it’s pretty amazing, like Ebay (without the bidding). Just better know your size to a tee.


Urban Revivo – at Midtown. Very classy and always on par with the latest trend.


Gongbei Underground MarketIt is a smorgasbord of small clothing stalls that go on forever. It’s overwhelming on the weekends or during rush hour, with all the crowds…so go during quiet time. The clothes are really stylish, and sometimes you can bargain. Can also get really crappy knockoff designer labels.


H&M – can always find good deals there in their sale section. Though the quality is not that awesome, at least you’re guaranteed nice style. Located in Midtown, Young Mix & Huafa Mall. You can also hop across the border to Macau and go to Forever21.


S.K Stationtucked away in a little store stall across from Aeon & Young Mix in Xiangzhou, owner Ivy, brings all the best styles for the wee ones from Guangzhou.


珠海市香洲区凤凰南路怡华中心一楼一号H3 SK童装小站
SK STATION, Shop No#1-H3  1st Floor, 
YI HUA BUSINESS CENTER, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai City

H&M – located top floor in Midtown, Young Mix & Huafa Mall.

Kai Yang




Inspiration is everywhere.

Sometimes we do not slow

down enough to appreciate

everything that is all around us.

Although the air is not always

so clean, and it smells in a lot of

places… there are locals, sites,

foods & fashions both old and

young, and from all over, that

are beaming the epitome 

of beauty and happiness.