Where to go in Zhuhai and surrounding areas for exercise, events, daytrips and to see beautiful places.

NEW YUAN MING PALACE, MEIXI ARCHWAYS, DOUMEN TEMPLE, temples, temples and more TEMPLES: Zhuhai is scattered with beautiful temples and replica palaces.

  • New Yuan Ming Palace 圆明新园  is at Kyushu Boulevard Zealand Po, Jiuzhou Avenue, Xiangzhou District (across from Midtown), 519070 香洲区九州大道西兰埔

  •  Meixi Archways  梅溪牌坊 is at Meixi Village, Qianshan Town, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai 519070 香洲区前山镇梅溪村

LIVE BANDS: The favorites among the expat crowd here is the reggae-esque SUN YAT SENS, melodic duo PAUL & CORLEY, and the awesome swinging BIG BAND THEORY. They make their rounds in the bar scene, check NIHAOZHUHAI.com/what-to-do/happenings on the band page or their website for updated schedules.

HIDDEN WATERFALLS: Go to 金星村 Jiangmen-Shi to a nearby mountain with beautiful natural swimming holes: 黄茅田 Sheng Dao, Taishan-Shi. Hike up a rough path about 40min away from the bottom/crowds. It is worth it. Clear blue turquoise pools to jump into, or just picnic on the rocks surrounding it. Careful, very slippery…so get good sport sandals with tread.

SPORTS Indoor/Outdoor: The Xiangzhou Sports Complex has a plethora of activities to do, for example: indoor swimming, skating, basketball, tennis, etc. There are some indoor rock climbing and go-kart places for those fun outings with friends.

Bowling: 南油保龄球俱乐部


Nan You Hotel, Shui Wan Road, Jida, Zhuhai


HOT SPRINGS: Imperial Hot Springs/Yu (Doumen) or Ocean Spring Resort: At Ocean Springs, take a nice relaxing dip into therapeutic waters.  The best time to visit is in the Autumn/Winter. You can dip yourself into a varied temperature pool soaked in different teas, wine, beer. Each with its own benefits for health. Each pool has info and temperature posted next to them. There is a main swimming pool, of salt water, and a smaller pool, which is just spring water. Hot slabs are on the ground for massages or resting. Can get mud bathes or even get dead skin eaten away by little fishes. Food and drinks are available everywhere, and there is a hotel on the premises.

  • Ocean Springs 海泉湾海洋温泉 is at  Shengping Avenue, Jinwan District, Zhuhai 519015 金湾区升平大道

  • Imperial Hot Springs  珠海御温泉渡假村 is at Huangyang Mountain, Doumen District, Zhuhai 519110 斗门区黄杨山

QIAO DAO Island: A beautiful, action packed island just past Tangjia where you can rent bikes, hike, climb, drink excellent craft beer from DOUBLE SHOVEL BREWERY, take in the sights of old Chinese villages.

TANGJIA: Explore the Old Tangjia area, there are cute hidden coffee shops amongst the old buildings and cobblestones. Eat at the Old JunkUncle Mikes, Tigi Tapas Bar or Mr. Pizza in the square. Do some imported shopping at U NEED.

CHIMELONG OCEAN PARK 珠海长隆海洋王国 : Located in Nanping District, just across from Macau…this must see tourist attraction has performers from around the world, tranquil marine life, rides, games, and wet -n- wild entertainment.


           Fuxiangwan, Hengqin New Area


CAMPING ON FLYING SANDS, XICHONG, or any surrounding beach outside the city is a fun experience. Go out of the city for clean air and tranquil waters. Best to do it in late fall when the weather is comfortable and not excruciatingly suffocating.