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There are so many things happening in Zhuhai. On a Friday or Saturday night, drop by the London Lounge in Jida, where you are sure to meet a ton of fun people from all around the world. Music festivals, sporting events, if it’s fun . . . we’ll be there!



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July 2nd (Saturday)

London Lounge Superhero Bar Crawl


June 10-11th (Friday & Saturday)

Day Design

NIHAO, ZHUHAI is excited to introduce the first MAGIC ISLAND FESTIVAL!
In June on Friday the 10th and Saturday the 11th, Dao Productions, in conjunction with the Zhongzhu Group, will take over Jiuzhou Island to provide us all with a first of its kind Music Festival!
This will be an exciting and spectacular PRIVATE international LIVE music event located on the beautiful Jiuzhou Island, only 20 minutes by boat from Jiuzhou Port, Jida.
Great for Adults, Children, Families and all Music Lovers alike.
Please note: This is a limited ticket event so book your place(s) asap!
TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE. This week purchase your adult tickets at the early bird price. Normal Ticket prices are 280RMB/Overnight and 150/Day. Children over 1.2m are half price and children under 1.2m FREE!
Adult Overnight Ticket – 250RMB (Incl. return ferry, tent and festival entrance)
Adult Day Ticket – 120RMB (Incl. return ferry and festival entrance)
Click on the link and subscribe for instruction on how to buy tickets –
Stay tuned for more information!

Price list 价格单(DAO Productions)

May 27th (Friday) at the London Lounge

London Lounge zumba party

Click for address:  http://nihaozhuhai.com/drink/

Aihua Mandarin school

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Sunday, May 10th from 9:30AM to 12PM

New Course at Aihua Mandarin School: Special Chinese cooking class on how to make dumplings. Meet at Aihua at 9:30am, then class is 10am to 12pm. 100rmb.  Learn Chinese classic homestyle dish: dumplings. How to cook and go source ingredients at open market, prepare and then enjoy your creation.

Huafa New Town (Huafa Xin Cheng), Shopping Plaza Third Floor, Shoufeng Street, Nanping, Zhuhai 


For more details ask for Sophia at 13631293551.

WeChat: sophiasun1205,


Email: shr-1125@163.com

Huafa Grand Theatre: My Fair Lady broadway musical May 12-14th窈窕淑女剧照 My Fair Lady

For future shows: http://www.zhgt.org/piao/ticket_1371.html or call booking hotline at 400-888-6845 400-888-6845

Address: Zhuhai Huafa & CPAA Grand Theatre, Shizimen 湾仔南湾大道国际会展中心内 珠海华发中演大剧院 剧院厅 

London Lounge anniversary

Click for address:  http://nihaozhuhai.com/drink/

Colin Phils

Friday, May 6th: Colin Phils at the LiveHouse, with your own local Sun Yat Sens opening for them. Described as math-rock, part indie-rock, with catchy hooks and harmonies.



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Ladybird of Leisure Charity Pop Up

Bands - Sun Yat SensBands

. . . & their Gigs.

For a relatively small city, Zhuhai boasts an eclectic and lively music scene. Regular open mic nights are held at the London Lounge (every other Thursday) and Conneelys Irish bar (most Fridays). As well as this, many local and foreign owned bars and clubs regularly host bands and DJs to satisfy your live music needs. Here is a run down of some of the better bands to be found around town.


Unique song recipes created by 4 international musicians, cooking up the sounds of reggae, rock, blues and hip-hop into an original mixed dish of pleasant harmonies flavoured with an eclectic dosage of acoustic guitars, harmonicas, drums and a side plate of didgeridoo!

Bookings – Tel: 13676067465

                     Wechat ID: Ryan8502


The Spit-Shine Spurs are a five-piece band with the lead singer from the American State of Texas and 4 members from UK, including a hospital-case lead guitarist. They consist of Corley ‘Cowgirl’ Sims, ‘Handsome’ Harry Callaghan, Martyn ‘The Misfit’ Henderson, Paul ‘Prince of Plucking’ Bailey and Mike ‘OD’ O. They have a grounding in folk and country, but also play an eclectic mix of originals, popular classics and modern covers, often with their own twist.

Bookings – Wechat ID: haroldcallaghan

Spit Spurs Shine


Talented duo providing covers with their own twist, alongside original material. Incredible lead vocals from Corley with skilled guitar and backing from Paul, will treat you to a selection of great rock, pop and country.

Bookings – Wechat ID: corleycsims

Paul and Corley


Large and lively band made up of members originating from the Philippines. Playing a mix of New Orleans Dixieland, SKA, Regae and alternative rock, this band never fails to get the party going. Their quartet can be regularly seen at Conneelys Irish Bar and the full band is a must see.

Bookings – Tel: 18318841515 

                    Wechat ID: Floydsax1980

Big Band Theory


Rumba Guitarra consists of three very talented musicians from around China. Providing a hypnotic blend of flamenco jazz and funk, you’ll find it a struggle not to get up and dance to one of their sets. The band also owns the best music shop in town. If you need good quality instruments, or are struggling to find a specialty instrument, look no further.

Shop Address: They are currently in the process of moving, new address will be posted as soon as it’s available.

Bookings – Tel: 18163231553 

                     Wechat ID: flamencolovers

Rumba Guitarra

“I think there’re moments in my life when there isn’t anybody that could possibly understand my story.  And I think that’s probably true for everybody.”—Ben Tiner @WenYi Livehouse, May 6, 2016.

A NiHaoZhuHai.com Interview with Colin Phils’s Frontman Ben Tiner

     Shenzhen-based indie math-rock band Colin Phils formed 3-and-a-half years ago out of a group of American ex-pats living in Cheonan, South Korea.  Nine months ago, the band relocated to the sunny, sub-tropical Pearl River Delta.  They had heard China was home to a burgeoning post-rock scene and followed that lead.  From their new home in Futian they walked to Shenzhen’s Brown Sugar Jar, auditioned on the spot and got their first gig in the Glorious Middle Kingdom.  Having undergone several lineup changes, the group now consists of three original members: Ben Tiner—lead guitar and vocals, Karyn Harding—vocals, synth, Benjamin Mauch—drums, as well as Greg Householter—vocals, guitar, and Jon Howland—bass.colin phils5

     NiHaoZhuhai.com was fortunate enough to catch up with Mariposa, California’s own, Ben Luke Tiner, on Colin Phils’s inaugural visit to Zhuhai and capture a few key slices of the expat musician’s life and artistic career abroad in Asia.

       NHZ: If you were to go back to Mariposa right now, what would be the first restaurant that you would go into? And what would you order?
     BLT: Wow, that’s a really crazy question.  I would go to pizza factory, because it’s like a really popular spot.  I used to work there. I would order garlic cheese sticks.  Those are dope. And always some sort of pizza; one that is called the ‘Big R’. So, final answer, Pizza. Thank you for having me.pizza
     Not so fast my friend.  We came to talk about the music.
    NHZ: So could you describe for our readers what exactly ‘math rock’ is?
    BLT:  So, it’s a term that’s used for bands that play in alternate time signatures…normally most bands play in like 4/4 or something like that but you know…we’ll add an extra beat.  We have 2 or 3 songs that maybe throw in a 5, it’ll be 5 beats.  So if you’re trying to bob your head up and down you’ll be caught off guard.  Um…although we’re not really the epitome of math rock it’s just really hard to give people an idea of what you might do with saying like, ‘Oh we’re indie rock.’
     “This is Benjamin Mauch, drummer of Colin Phils—The song ‘Don Cabs’ is a shortened version of a great band called Don Caballero that we’re really into.  Don Caballero was an early math rock band that featured crazy drumming and cool guitar lines, something that we like to emulate in our style as well. ‘Math Rock’ was coined with them because they used some unique shifting time signatures that made the music rhythmically engaging.”Colin phils4
      Thanks Benjamin Mauch, drummer of Colin Phils.
     NHZ: In the song “Renewal” off the album Right At Home, there’s a lyric that says ‘There’s a faint little whisper changing me.’ Could you tell us what that faint little whisper might be?colin phils3
     BLT:  The song is just about me changing and trying to listen to things that might guide me in a positive way. The song starts off with like a really dark place ‘there’s a famine…coming in the land, there’s an ongoing war…’ There’s all these dark elements and in my life I haven’t really been a part of a war or a famine or anything like that but I’m describing a really heavy time and I think everybody has heavy times in their life like death. Something that’s disastrous and seems like everything is gone.  And you’re met with a choice of how you’re going to go on.  That song is basically about being a person that can have solutions and someone that can find something good in something that’s really horrible.
     NHZ: Are you a skateboarder?
     BLT: Yes.colin phils2
     NHZ: How is the terrain in Shenzhen for skateboarding?
     BLT:  It’s better than America in the sense that you can kind of skate anywhere and security guards are going to be giving you a thumbs up like, ‘Cool guy, you’re skateboarding.’ It’s super bizarre.  That’s one of the cooler things about China, the fact that they’re welcoming of certain culture differences. Everyone’s much more open to anything, which has been very beneficial for our music because we’re not really inside any specific genre.  It’s incredible that we can travel to a city that’s like 4 or 5 hours away and still get like 100 people.
     NHZ:  Well, there’s a rumor going around, and I swear I didn’t start it, that Colin Phils may soon embark on a U.S. tour.  Care to comment?
     BLT:  Planned and hopefully going to be awesome.  We’re playing in Manhattan at a place called PIANOS.  It’s supposed to be really legit. But it’s crazy hard.  You really do as you get bigger need someone handling promotion, someone handling booking, and at the moment we are basically doing all of it. I definitely spend all my thought and time and energy in this project right now. colin phils
     NHZ:  So in the song ‘The Sun’ there’s a line that says, ‘You’re the only one that understands who I am.’  Who is the only one that understands who you are?
    BLT:  A lot of that whole album was like very narrative.  It’s more conceptual, kind of like it’s one of those weird dreams where it transforms.  You mentioned three songs, and not a single one of those do we play.  Right now we play 2 songs off our last album live.
     NHZ: Which ones?
     BLT:  So, we end with ‘Summer.’ Lyrically, it’s just total nostalgia.  Everybody’s experienced like a really great summer and a really good time in their life, I’m hoping, and then kind of in the back of their mind being like, ‘Well this is going to change…
     NHZ: Luckily for us, summer is coming.  Is there anybody that you would like to thank in China or anywhere else for your musical path?  Anybody you want to give shout outs to?
     BLT:  Shout outs… shout outs experience, wow.  I don’t think I’ve ever done a proper shout out.
     NHZ: Shout out time.
     BLT:  All the bandmates.  My first teacher was a guy named Ryan Whitson.  He let me borrow his guitar for about 6 months. Friendly Cannons, Dragon Turtle, and, um, Space Folk and the Sweaty and Cramped guys.  I mean even coming out here (Zhuhai) and having the Sun Yat Sens play with us.  It’s a bit surreal, so we’re really happy.  It seems like everyone’s very open minded in China in general.magic island
     NHZ:  Alright, one final thing, I would like you to help me finish this quote.
     BLT:  Ok…
     NHZ: When the road bends…
     BLT:  When the road bends…I have to finish the quote…When the road bends, oh man, ok…When the road bends…
      (Jon: I’m glad I’m not doing this)
     BLT: When the road bends…I’ll bend with it. new album

Thank you to all of our readers and a big thanks to Ben and the whole Colin Phils crew for their time and their music.  Catch them June 10 at Magic Island Music Festival on Zhuhai’s JiuZhou Island.

            By: Taylor A. Grimmer

—Mr. Grimmer can be reached via nihaozhuhai.com or by WeChat ID: AquaManos